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Price List

Images are printed on a premium quality photo paper carefully chosen to best present the photograph and are available framed or unframed:

Framed Prints: Photographs are framed in a minimalist “gallery style”. The artwork is mounted on sturdy foam board, secured with a generously proportioned beveled mat. For sizes 20x30 and larger this image/mat 'sandwich' is inserted into a thin aluminum frame, and protected with a sheet of 2mm glass.  For smaller sizes, a wood-based frame is used.*

Matted Prints: Presented as described above minus the frame. Choose this option if you plan to arrange for framing yourself.

* Speak to the photographer about alternative framing styles.

The image you have chosen is available in the following sizes:



16 x 20 Matted Print (Unframed)

(Image Size: Approx. 10 x 15 inches)


16 x 20 Framed Print

(Image Size: Approx. 10 x 15 inches)


20 x 30 Matted Print (Unframed)

(Image Size: Approx 15 x 24 inches)


20 x 30 Framed Print

(Image Size: Approx 15 x 24 inches)


** Sales tax and shipping extra

Click here for assistance in choosing the right size for you space.

To order, please note the title of the photo and contact the photographer directly at dfindlay@bell.net