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D.A. Findlay | Photographs: Studio Box Actual &emdash;
Classic Oceana images set in a contemporary flush-mounted hardwood frame hand-crafted by the artist. Inkjet prints are coated with a clear protective varnish and mounted on a rigid panel. These pieces can stand upright on a flat surface such as a bookshelf or hung by a special hook that allows them to lie flat on your wall.

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A limited number of these pieces are available at the Oceana Reception or click an image below to order directly from the photographer.

US $150
Hatches Harbour (8x12)First Light  (8x12)Red Chair (8x12)Provincetown Sunset #1 (8x12)Provincetown Sunset #2 (8x12)Calm Waters (8x12)Ocean Wave #2 ((8 x6¾)Red Truck (8 x 6¾)